Postcards from Halle/Saale

Postcards of the sales outlets of the Gimritz estate.

Mr. Jacob of the Stadtarchiv Halle/Saale writes the following about the postcards:

I could also already take a look into first sources about the dairy.

So there was a branch in the Reilstraße 133:

Bl. 113 - 114, listing: Reilstraße 133, owner/applicant: Görg, H., occupational and company name: Sanitäts-Molkerei Gimritz (1913). Source: A 2.6 Building police
Dept. I Tit. 12 Chap. 5 No. 2 Vol. 31

Johannes Görg was a royal senior officer and tenant of the Gimritz estate and town mill.

Since the employment agency Louise Bärwinkel operated her business in Merseburger Straße 9, the dairy store of the lower postcard must have been located in Merseburger Straße 9.