Christan Mahnke
Christian Mahnke
Enthusiast & collector


I’m interested in various aspects of everyday culture in the 20th century and how it can be transported digitally. To do this, I collect various artifacts and also like to try them out. I also present some of the results and collections online.

My aim is to use up-to-date (i.e. digital) transport methods to support the immersion into the younger past, which has the most lasting effect on our everyday life today, the 20th century…

My “proving ground” to try out ideas and to present some of my collections since the corona pandemic is, there are various (sub-) projects linked. To a certain extent, these are old blog projects that were previously hosted on Tumblr. The newer part revolves around the presentation of various collections. These in turn can be divided into the following groups:

Continuous improvements to the existing blogs as well as some new ones are planed for the future…


If you need advice on digitizing and presenting your collection online, I will be happy to offer my help and experience. Regardless whether it is a small collection, a very specific topic (e.g. to present an exhibition) or an entire library. This offer is aimed at all institutions of cultural heritage and other similar interested and is not limited to printed matter.