On this page I’ll post updates on my projects about the technologies used in irregular intervals. An overview of the last blog posts is available at .

Donation to the city archive Halle

Another donation to an archive should have arrived by now in city archives of Halle an der Saale . It concerns three postcards, the outlets of the Stadtgut Gimritz .

Exhibition "Wilma Bräuner"

From December 6, the exhibition “Spurensuche im Sylter Archiv - Zum Leben und Werk von Wilma Bräuner (1891 - 1985)”, on which Evelyn Kraßmann and I worked together with a team , will take place in the city gallery “Alte Post”, Stephanstraße 4, Sylt / OT Westerland. The web page is still under construction….

Exhibition poster

The vernissage will take place on Monday, December 5, 2022 at 6 pm in the Stadtgalerie.

IIIF Conference 2021: Scaling down...

Today I gave my talk about the infrastructure of my blogs at this year’s IIIF conference.


As of today there is an additional Instagram channel . This is just an experiment for now. But what has already annoys me me: There doesn’t seem to be an official and stable API for creating posts / uploading images - very disappointing!

DIY Projekt: Telefonhülle

Heute mal wieder eines der eher seltenen nicht-digitalen Projekte: Eine Hülle für mein neues Telefon. startet

Finally, the last of the blogs stared during the second Corona Lockdown is now online!

IIIF Konferenz 2021

I will present my Corona projects at this year’s IIIF conference ! gestartet

In order to have a page in the future that can easily break for a few days and to be able to present some things half-finished, there is now the Projektemacher Labs .

Der erste Beitrag

After the site went online in the last few months to unite my old Tumblr blogs and the projects of the first Corona Lockdown under a single

one roof as an umbrella brand, mine is now starting personal homepage.